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Working on a new song

April 22, 2014 Category: Studio Diary Tags: , ,

Working on a new song

Now my new album is released and I'm not stuck in the mixing and mastering process anymore (the last step is to send the album for manufacturing, which will be done this week hopefully!), I can think about new songs like and play the guitar just for the sake of playing...

Some days ago, I was learning a song by Dougie Maclean called Caledonia, his most famous - and beautiful - song which uses an Open C tuning and I really found this tuning sounds amazing, it sounds "wide".

It's interesting to tune differently from times to times, you lose your marks and it's a good thing. So I played for a while and found some ideas, I wrote a whole new song actually. I think I have the main structure verse/chorus/bridge so far. It has this celtic vibe that makes me feel that it would be great to have some bouzouki on it... I imagine some arrangements à la "Gallows Pole" by Led Zeppelin with a healthy dose of Mellotron and tribal drums...

I don't know yet if it will be the next song I'll record but it feels great to write music again!!