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Mixtape - Great obscure 70's progressive rock

April 19, 2014 Category: Music inspiration Tags: , , ,

Mixtape - Great obscure 70's progressive rock

I love progressive rock for many different reasons but it's the diversity and the richness of the genre that I love the most. I mean... I never stop to discover new bands, bands from the 70's I absolutely never heard about and which are very good most of the times, totally stunning sometimes.

Progressive rock is definitely not reduced to the big British names like Genesis, Yes, King Crimson or Camel. There are so many fantastic, lesser known, bands from all over the world (if only from Italy!) that it seems quite impossible to be jaded by the genre!

Here is a mixtape of my favourite obscure progressive rock bands from the 70's, you may know some of them but I hope you'll discover new bands, there is some serious progressive rock going on here!