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My top 10 favourite Marillion songs (H era)

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My top 10 favourite Marillion songs (H era)

I listen to many different bands and artists and regardless of musical genres, Marillion became and remains my favourite band for many years now. It's the band I saw live the most, the band from whom I own the most records (and dvds/blurays!), I joined the French fan club for a while and Steve Rothery is one of my favourite guitar players, I like to say he's my David Gilmour.

Most importantly, it's the band who brings me the most emotions and the greatest inspiration (by the way, it meant so much to me to have my first album reviewed in an issue of Prog Magazine dedicated to Marillion, a nice coïncidence!). I'm talking about Marillion with Steve Hogarth here. No debate here about which is the best era, who is the best singer or anything, I love Marillion with Fish for many reasons as well, but Marillion post 1989 speaks to me the most emotionally and, to put it simply, I love Steve Hogarth's broken charismatic emotional voice, and his lyrics too. His live performances are also amazing. Their albums are not all equal in terms of quality of course but I nearly always find in their music this particular moment which gives me goosebumps.

Brave is one of my favourite albums ever, but there are so many essential songs, moving, haunting, devastating or just simply beautiful songs in their whole discography... Here is my personal selection in chronological order :

  • Easter (Seasons End, 1989)
  • Seasons End (Seasons End, 1989)
  • The Space (Seasons End, 1989)
  • Splintering Heart (Holidays In Eden, 1991)
  • Runaway (Brave, 1994)
  • The Great Escape (Brave, 1994)
  • Out of This World (Afraid Of Sunlight, 1995)
  • This Strange Engine (This Strange Engine, 1997)
  • The Invisible Man (Marbles, 2004)
  • Ocean Cloud (Marbles, 2004)

Share your favourite songs below 😉

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  • Paul Vladimir Merida Maldonado

    Man Of 1000 faces
    Ocean Cloud
    Afraid Of Sunlight
    The Sky Above The Rain
    Fantastic Place
    The Great Escape

    • That's a very nice list you have here Paul!! I love all of them!

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