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Mixing Spleen Arcana's second album

November 30, 2013 Category: The Light Beyond The Shades Tags: , , ,

Lost versions of the album

I've been working on the mix on my second album for weeks now. I think I can say I've never worked as much on a mix. Mixing my first album was not easier at all but in a way, I didn't care about it as much at that time and I was maybe less exigent with myself. Today, I feel that my way of listening to music has changed, I care about everything that happens in a song like the sound of the kick drum or what kind of reverb is used on vocals.

So my way of mixing has evolved too, or maybe it's the other way round... I spent a lot of time on mixing vocals especially. As you may know, I'm passionate about 70's prog rock and 70's music and I read a lot about how vocals were mixed at that time. I don't pretend to be able to produce the sound of this era of course, but it's truly inspiring to read about the recording and mixing of classic tracks and help to get closer to the sound I search for.

In this quest of sound, I changed some of my tools during the last few weeks (I'll talk about it later in the gear section) and sometimes, it's great to change some habits to boost creativity and add some spice to the work you have to do. The real challenge about mixing an album is getting the mix to sound good everywhere : on the computer speakers, on the hifi system, on the ipod/mp3 player and even in the car! By challenge I mean nightmare. It's a bit hard to think about how much time is spent on mixing and that the album will be played on mp3 mainly but it's part of the game and I know there's still CD lovers out there fortunately. I'm very interested in releasing HD tracks however. On Bandcamp, you can download FLAC, lossless tracks which is great in my opinion, like the best of both worlds.

After burning many versions of the album on cd-r, I'm getting very close to the final mix, finally. It still need some vocals and bass volume adjustements here and there and that's it! It's very exciting to be so close to the end, really! So stay tuned, Spleen Arcana II is coming ;)

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