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Colorsound Power Boost

February 9, 2012 Category: Gear Talk Tags: ,

This is my latest pedalboard acquisition bought in Macaris, London, in January 2012. It's been a while since I wanted to try this booster and visiting Macaris in January was a great opportunity to get one. As you can see here on Macaris website, they added an LED on/off indicator plus put a power supply socket on the 2012 model which is really useful in my opinion.

I played it with my Supa Fuzz clone and I also tried it with my Big Muff. It sounds better with the Big Muff actually, very Gilmour-ish! I used to place boosters before my fuzz/distortion unit but the Power Boost works really better after the Big Muff, it sounds smoother and shapes the sound in a very subtle way. I'll probably use it as my main overdrive unit too, it offers a very nice and warm overdrive, nearly fuzzy if you push the volume knob. I should get soon a Big Muff Ram's Head clone (I can't wait!!) which should be the perfect companion of the Power Boost. The quest for tone is endless...

Colorsound Power Boost

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