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Spleen Arcana Shipping

I'm glad to tell you that the first CDs orders have been shipped this week. As you may know, I'm quite alone on this ship, so it will take me some days to send everything but the shipping has started on tuesday to UK, USA, Canada, Holland, France of course, and you should receive your copy very soon. Feel free to contact me if there's any problem or a too long delay.

Order your copy directly from the Online Shop

Thanks for your interest!!

The CDs are here!

I finally received The Field Where She Died yesterday from Germany. 20 boxes of 25 copies which will be available in the shop today. The album - artwork and printing - looks really great and sounds better than the mp3 version for sure!

It will be available in the Store today!

Guitar playing

Yes! I work on The Field Where She Died for ages! I can't even remember when I started this first album. I'll probably write something about how it begun and how things happened (would you find this interesting somehow?) but to be short, it's a huge project for me because I started from nothing but the songs.

Hum it's probably the most important thing but I admit that some years ago, I really didn't know how I could record some music. I didn't have any gear at the moment anyway. So as you may guess, it took me some months (years?) to get ready for recording or just to find where the "record button" was located in my software…

Anyway, it looks like the end is not so far now as this first album is nearly finished! I hope that it will be available before the end of 2008. And maybe the end is just the beginning.

Recording some mandolin

November 16, 2008 Category: The Field Where She Died

Hora Portuguese I mandolin

I received a new instrument yesterday: A Portuguese mandolin! It is a Hora Portuguese I mandolin.

I love how new instruments smells the wood so good! Made of a solid spruce top, maple sides, back and neck, it sounds how I imagined it, it gives this warm "serenade" atmosphere...

So yesterday and this morning was dedicated to mandolin. I had in mind for ages that adding a mandolin part to the final of A Kind Of Heaven would be interesting, so I recorded this part yesterday (using my Oktava MK012 mic).

And I couldn't help myself to play some of this new toy on The Root Of All Evil Part I. I'd like to make this song sounds more "ethnic", adding mandolin and bohdran or even some flute... Well... I can't wait to record it anyway!

Listening to a first mix

November 12, 2008 Category: The Field Where She Died


As the recording goes well, I'm working a bit on the mix, even if some vocal parts need to be recorded again. It's more about having an idea of the whole picture. So I burnt a first mastered cd with all the songs. As you can see on the picture above (sorry for how it's written), there's some stuffs to change, and the overall sound still need to be improved but I'm really glad about the drums and the dynamics.

But there's still a choice to make between an album which sounds quite loud, but less dynamic and more compressed (that's why some albums are tiring to listen to), and an album which sounds less loud but with all its dynamics preserved, which breathes. But I feel that I'm too much into 70's music to take the loudness path... And the most important is that it's your freedom to bring up the volume of the music you're listening if you want to.

But I'd love to know your opinion about it!

Digital chaos

September 28, 2008 Category: The Field Where She Died Tags: ,

Digital Chaos

I thought that it could arrive at any time but somehow, I didn't think too much about it. My audio computer was showing its weaknesses the last fews weeks and now it seems that it's my system hard drive which is broken. So I just ordered a new and better one (Samsung F1 - 250 Go/16 Mo) and I take this "chance" to add some memory (Corsair), 2 Go instead of 1 Go. I think that it will be really useful because of all the tracks I record in my Samplitude projects and all the effects I apply. I just hope that it will work again and better than ever. The album is nearly finnished and I can't wait to send it for pressing!

Singing in the rain

January 31, 2008 Category: The Field Where She Died Tags: ,

Trample on meSome news about the recording, just to let you know that I'm working on my vocal parts actually. I spend hours and hours on recording vocals and the song "Trample on Me" is nearly done. By the way, it may be available here soon, I hope so.

I need to record again the last guitar solo which is not in tune and I'm sure that you'll prefer it in tune, isn't it? I changed a bit the end of the song because I was not sure about the minimoog solo. I changed it for a final piano melody, with guitar overdub, and it seems to sound more epic.

I plan this song to be mastered in a professional studio and then used for promotion. I still think this one is a good reflection of the whole album and Spleen Arcana's music.

More to come soon...

I recorded some bass guitar for A Kind Of Heaven which is not the easiest song to record indeed. But I'm quite satisfied with the result and I found the bass sound I was looking for, for months!! It suits really well with the kick drum and we can clearly hear both of them which is not always the case.

I tried some vocals parts too but it's more about working lines than anything, but I'm more confident than before, I remember the first A Kind Of Heaven demo, it was really different...


It's been a while... But silence here behind the computer can mean a lot of work with instruments.

So, I actually work hard on the songs to improve them, the more that I can and, if it's not always easy to be in the "eye of the storm", it becomes quite good even if, as you can see, it takes a lot of time. And it's the trap of being alone involved in this project, even it's a choice actually, there are some dark sides to it, you have to fight again your own demons alone and when you are quite satisfied with your work, you can just share it with yourself.

But the main goal is above all that, it's about sharing this music, a first effort that takes years to be released but it's like to climb on a mountain, isn't it? I guess there's another one waiting for me just behind, but its shape is quite different.

Thinking about it

August 31, 2007 Category: The Field Where She Died

Julien playing the guitar

I actually think about music more than I play any music.

It's a good thing in a way, a kind of a break to breathe some fresh air. I'm still working on lyrics and vocal melodies somehow and I have some ideas for new songs (bad idea to write at the moment maybe).

Anyway, I'm thinking about how the first album will be available. I really hope for a printed cd, 300/500 copies would be a great start but in an other hand, Spleen Arcana's music is made to be shared so may the album will be available for download on the website, for free. Music is not about making money here as you guess, so it's more about a childish dream. Anyway, we'll work to release something special, a spleenish artwork indeed...

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