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Welcome to the Studio In Pictures, a weekly column where I give you a glimpse in pictures of what happened lately in my recording home studio.

Mandolin maintenance

I spent time in taking care of my instruments lately. Cleaning and maintenance. I finally changed the strings of my mandolin that I will use very soon on my next Patreon song.

Guitars cleaning

And used for the first time this Gibson polish on my guitars. And it was more than necessary to say the least!

Joyo Analog Chorus

I've been without a chorus pedal for years. My last chorus was a BOSS CE2 (Made in Japan) that I sold for some reasons. I got this faithful replica of the CE2 last week, the Analog Chorus by Joyo. It uses the classic BBD chip, it's true bypass and it sounds great to my ears! I'll do a demo clip if you ask 😉

Working for my Patreon

January 13, 2015 Category: Studio Diary Tags: , ,

I started recording a new song for Patreon some days ago.

By "new song", I mean a really old song I wrote 10 years ago. It's not the typical Spleen Arcana kind of progressive rock song but I hope you'll enjoy it! It's like a glimpse of how Spleen Arcana's third album will partially sound.

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La Patrie Nylon guitar

November 27, 2014 Category: Studio Diary Tags: , ,

I love the sound of nylon guitars more and more these days. And this one in particular! This is my La Patrie Concert. I recorded the draft of a new solo on it for another song of SA3 and it sounds really nice!

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