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Here is a selection of 2014 highlights in pictures. The main highlights being obviously the digital release of Spleen Arcana's second album, The Light Beyond The Shades, in February and the CD release in May.

Another highlight was to go back in Scotland for an epic hiking trip in March. It was a breathtaking and truly inspiring journey that I will never forget!

2014 is also for me the year I discovered Dougie Maclean, a brillant Scottish folk songwriter. He's already a huge inspiration to me and influenced the new music I've been working on these last few months. Talking about inspiring music, 2014 was also a vinyl revival for me as I started to collect my all time favourite albums from the 70's in vinyl and found some great records!

At last but not least, 2014 was the year of a pretty huge change as I left Paris for a more human and inspiring place in Brittany. I set up a new recording corner here, got a new amp and started working on new music.

Let's see what 2015 brings! 😉

Happy new year 2015!

January 1, 2015 Category: Ramblings

Happy new year 2015!

Happy new year and best wishes for 2015 to all of you dear Arcanians!

2014 has been an exciting and very satisfying year for Spleen Arcana. The Light Beyond The Shades, released earlier this year, has received many positive reviews (I didn't see any negative reviews actually) from all over the world which is absolutely fantastic! And overall, this new album got a bigger response than Spleen Arcana's debut album. It makes 2014 a great year for me!

I started writing and recording new music during the last few months, in a new recording place and I have now a clearer idea of Spleen Arcana's third album. "That difficult third album"... I can't say too much now but I guess it will sound like the child of The Field Where She Died and The Light Beyond The Shades if it makes sense. It makes sense to me somehow. I don't know if it will be released in 2015 though, it's much too soon to tell but it's very exciting to work on a new album!!

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Again, thank you for your amazing support! Thank you so much!

May 2015 bring you love, health, music, creativity, and everything you heart desires 😉

Happy new year!

Last days in pictures

November 24, 2014 Category: Ramblings Tags: , , , ,

Saint Lunaire

Spent a day by the sea which was absolutely refreshing and inspiring!

I found some nice records at the international records convention, only gatefold editions in really nice condition!

Lightbulb Sun... The first album by Porcupine Tree that I bought the day of its release. Already 14 years ago... I've been a huge fan of the albums following Lightbulb Sun, In Absentia of course, Fear of a Blank Planet as well, but at the end, I always come back to Lightbulb Sun and I think it became my favourite Porcupine Tree album with some of my favourite songs from the band : "Lightbulb Sun", "Shesmovedon", "Hatesong", "Russia On Ice", "Feel So Low"...

I heard and wrote some thoughts about The Endless River. To sum up, it's a nice surprise! I didn't have high expectations anyway but I'll buy it!

On the opposite, I had huge expectations about Interstellar and I've not been disappointed at all! I wrote some lines about it here. Such a breathtaking visual, emotional and musical experience!

Last days in pictures

October 30, 2014 Category: Ramblings Tags: , , , ,

Some Irish Memories... I'm thinking about Ireland a lot these days. I miss the Irish landscapes so much. I hope to go back there very soon!

I recorded some acoustic guitar parts for my latest song (with my faithful Oktava MK-012), some classical guitar as well and did some keyboard arrangements. I need to write lyrics as I'll start to record the vocals very soon! And what's best to warm up your voice than a dram of whisky? I just discovered the Legacy by Jura, which is a superb sweet and smooth single malt.

I received the new book titled Prog 100 by French writer Frédéric Delâge about progressive rock and his selection of 100 milestone albums from the 70's to nowadays. Great reading, very inspiring! I also received my copy of Opeth latest album, Pale Communion, which I absolutely love!! More than Heritage? I don't know yet but... Maybe!

At last but not least, this little beauty, the Ibanez TSA15H head, made his way to my home studio! I don't have a cab to try it yet but I can't wait as I didn't plug my guitars in an amp for years!! It's famous for its nice clean sound so I hope it will take me pedals well!

Stay tuned

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