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Instagram pictures above show what the last few days looked like... CD received from the manufacturer, released on Bandcamp, and then packaged and shipped all over the world! USA, UK, France, Japan, Russia, Slovenia, Poland, New-Zealand, Netherlands, Latvia, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Germany and so on...

It was great to prepare the "special Nature package" limited to 50 copies worldwide and even greater to see the pictures of your copy you posted on Facebook or Twitter! (Tagged pictures can be seen on Spleen Arcana's Facebook photos page here).

Now The special Nature package is sold out and all the current orders have been shipped, I'm working on releasing the album on CD Baby and make it available on some progressive rock distributors.

The Light Beyond The Shades CD edition on Bandcamp :

By the way, The Light Beyond The Shades CD pressing is limited to 500 copies worldwide only!

Thank you for your endless support and interest!

The Light Beyond The Shades available on Spotify

Spleen Arcana's new album was released on Bandcamp on the 03 February 2014. I sent the album to CD Baby the day after so that they could send it to the digital distributors of my choice like Itunes, Amazon and Spotify (among many others).

It's quite impressive how fast it can be available online, I remember that it took just two days for my first album The Field Where She Died to be available on Spotify. It took a few days to be available on Itunes.

I was quite surprised that nearly two months after my submission, my second album still wasn't available on Spotify so I contacted CD Baby, which always provides great support, to know more about this delay.

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