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Bandcamp, Patreon and new music to come

August 22, 2015 Category: News Tags: ,

Bandcamp, Patreon and new music to come

I just updated Spleen Arcana's Bandcamp page​ with the new "subscription" feature. As I'm recording new music and in the meantime, I'm thinking a lot about which way I want to release it, hence the subscription.

There's already this Patreon thing but... I don't feel really comfortable with it and I don't have a lot more to offer than my music to be honest, it's all about music anyway, isn't it?

So I'll concentrate all my efforts in Bandcamp​ and the subscribers community, I hope you'll join it!

Self-releasing an album as an independent artist requires quite a lot of time and money and I miss the days when I was releasing songs in a spontaneous way so I think I'll get away from the album format a little bit. Just writing, recording, releasing and that's it! 😉

The idea is to release my new songs for my Bandcamp subscribers and see later what happens 🙂

I invite you to visit my subscription page on Bandcamp here:

And subscribe to get all the music I already released and all the music to come!

Thank you for your support! New music to come, stay tuned 😉

Written by Julien

Julien is a French musician, songwriter and the man behind Spleen Arcana. In this blog, Julien shares his passion for music as a listener and as a musican, and talks about whatever inspires him and catches his ears and eyes.

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