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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Spleen Arcana's music?

If you want to truly support Spleen Arcana's music and help to record more music, the best place to buy the album, mp3 or cd, is Bandcamp : http://spleenarcana.bandcamp.com/

It's also available on CDBaby : http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SpleenArcana

Does Spleen Arcana play live?

Unfortunately no. Spleen Arcana is currently a studio project but the idea of playing live is definitely not abandoned. Songs like A Kind Of Heaven or Tears Are Made To Flow have already been played live in the past by previous incarnations of the project, these songs sounded quite different at that time.

What does "Spleen Arcana" mean?

The word spleen comes from the Greek splen. In Latin its name is lien. In French, spleen refers to a state of pensive sadness or melancholy. It has been popularized by the poet Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867) but was already used before, in particular in the Romantic literature (18th century). The connection between spleen (the organ) and melancholy (the temperament) comes from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks. One of the humours (body fluid) was the black bile, secreted by the spleen organ and associated with melancholy – Wikipedia

spleen [spli:n], n 5. (Psychology) Archaic another word for melancholy

ar·ca·num (är-knm), n. pl. ar·ca·na (-n) or ar·ca·nums 1. A deep secret; a mystery. 2. often arcana Specialized knowledge or detail that is mysterious to the average person 3. A secret essence or remedy; an elixir.

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